Sue Thies as Dechen
Suparna (“Sue”) grew up in a small town in northeast Thailand, about 15 miles from the Cambodian border.  Her interest in acting began as a girl, active in her school theater, both as an actor and as director. After high school, she studied dressmaking and fashion design, which became her profession after moving to the U.S.

Years later she returned to acting and has since earned roles in numerous films. She has also appeared in industrial, print, and commercial projects, both locally and nationally. Some of her current credits included the leading roles in “Parallel Parking,” and “The Last in Line.”

With her love of acting, Sue continues to work hard at her craft by studying Meisner technique and advanced acting.

Sue is always seeking opportunities for artistic and professional growth.  When not acting, she may be seen working as crew in film productions, as a set costumer, set photographer and scriptwriter.  ‘Toy for Tone’ is the first film she has written and produced.

Keith Kittrelle as Oscar

Keith Kittrelle was born Keith Kittrelle Willis on May 29, 1974 in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was raised in a working / middle class  household in the 16 Acres section of Springfield and received his formal education there. He is the 2nd of four siblings which includes an older brother and two younger sisters. In October of 1992, not long after graduating high school, Kittrelle’s parents decided to relocate their family to Durham, North Carolina and after giving it some thought Kittrelle opted to stay in Massachusetts. In March of 1993 Kittrelle, after realizing he wanted more than what he saw life being in his hometown, was given the opportunity to move to NYC and work for a friend’s brother’s health food store. In August of 1993 still undecided on which direction he wanted to go on life Kittrelle made the mature decision to move back to Massachusetts after realizing the party life and distractions of NYC was preventing him from focusing on his future and long term goals. After witnessing the homicide of a man at a nightclub on Thanksgiving  1993 and the shooting of a friend a few weeks later Kittrelle realized while he loved his hometown once again it wasn’t where he wanted to be and a few days before New Years Eve 1993 Kittrelle had relocated to Durham, North Carolina with his family to start life anew. Kittrelle worked at a newspaper plant for several years before enrolling in classes at the local community college with aspirations of being a registered nurse .  Kittrelle worked in the medical field for for 10 years while slowly working on his RN degree and during that time is when he came to the realization that he wanted to give stand up comedy a try. After doing several of the comedy clubs around the “Triangle ” area of North Carolina for several months Kittrelle realized once again he still wanted more out of life and upon the prompting of a relative that was pursuing and acting career in NYC Kittrelle began taking acting lessons and eventually auditioning for local productions being filmed in his local area. In 2010 Kittrelle signed on with an agent and since then has appeared in various commercials, independent films, training videos, a stage play and a national television show. Kittrelle still resides in Durham, North Carolina with his wife and is the father of a daughter and a son.

Cast (in credits order)
Suparna Thies … Dechen
Keith Kittrelle … Oscar

Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jerry Adams … Grocery store customer
Amit Arya … Sandwich shop associate
Rosey Baker … Immigrant
Nikki Baldwin … Guest
Joe Ballew … Irate customer
Rebecca Blum … Officer Kathy Smith
Victoria Bolden … Guest
Walter Yates Boyd … Wedding Officiant
Sorng Buntoum … Store Manager
Bonnie Cady … Guest
Josef Cady … Guest
Scott Carle … Home owner
Lee Darnell … Immigrant / Truck Driver
Heather S. Fagan … Immigration officer
Christina Fenton … Immigration customer
Ronald Garcia … Guest
Neil Given … Immigration customer
Sherry Given … Immigration officer
Adrianna Godfrey … Immigrant
Angelz Nation Global Group … Autumn Hudson /Immigrant
Sultan M. Hassan … Immigrant
Bina High … Doctor
Autumn Hudson … Immigrant
Moses Ifamose … Immigrant
Katrina Jeen … Escort
Denise Jones … Guest
James T. Joseph … Grocery Store Owner
Chelsie Keyhea … Immigrant
Aaron Kintner … Immigrant
Brenda Kintner … Immigrant
Ervin Lee … Immigrant
Sienna LoFaro … Immigrant
Kelly Maida … Immigrant
Matthew Marks … Immigrant
Austin Mason … Immigrant
Ted Mazyck … Guest
Hailey Neblett … Immigrant
Emily Prins … Immigrant
Steve Prins … Immigrant
Elliana Proctor … Immigrant / Truck Driver
Kevin Quintiliano … Guest
Denise Ramirez … Immigrant
Jyoti Rao … Sandwich customer
Sierra Rose … Immigrant
Erica Sampson … Immigrant
Dominique Saunders … Guest
Hemal Shah … Immigrant
Nilpa Shah … Immigrant
Liz Stabenow … DMV officer
Caleb Stancil … Guest
Ryan Daniel Thompson … Irate customer
Gregory Watkins … Guest
Vance Welch … Immigrant
Dave Willard … Grocery store customer
Aniya Williams … Immigrant
Phillip Lin … Grocery store customer (uncredited)