Special Thanks


We would like to thank the following businesses for making this dream titled ‘Parallel Parking’ come true.

  • Sosta Cafe – We shot all our sandwich shop scenes at Sosta Cafe. Special thanks to Jerome Lauck for being an art lover (evident by his cafe interior) and helping artists achieve their artistic goals.
  • AAA Trucking – Raja is a generous and selfless human being who helped us all along the production by offering his trucks for our shoot. He was so kind he even agreed to drive us around in his truck.
  • DraftLine Brewing Company – Scott Palmieri and Scott Wood at DraftLine were so kind to let us film at their location on a cold dreary Sunday evening. The staff at the brewery was very hospitable and paved our way for a fantastic shoot. We highly recommend their brews and a fun place to take your family (including your kids) to have a great time. They encourage various local and out-of-town bands and promote art in their own way.
  • AllSet Location Scouting LLC – AllSet offered us some important leads for a few interior locations in the film. Carlene was extremely helpful in making connections with the location managers. We highly recommend using AllSet Location Scouting LLC for all your location needs and managed services within the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.
  • Coworking Station in Holly Springs, NC – Coworking Station is a hidden gem of a place in the quaint town of Holly Springs. They owner and the staff there are super friendly and helped us succeed with the very first scene of our film. I highly recommend this collaborative working space to everyone who is interested to setup their business.


We would like to thank the following individuals for making this dream titled ‘Parallel Parking’ come true.

  • Jim McQuaid – Jim helped us connect with Sue who ended up as the lead in our film.
  • Dan Brawley – We love Dan and Izzie. Dan is easily in the top 5 of Who’s Who is North Carolina. He cares about social justice, women rights and cultural change and a big proponent of film industry in NC. We are lucky to have him and champion the film community through Cucalorus Film Festival and various other platforms. Thank you for supporting us throughout our journey.