Human and Sex Trafficking

Human trafficking, sometimes referred to as Modern day slavery is an evil practice which unfortunately exists even today. An alarming number of women from countries outside US are who were being trafficked in hundreds of cities including NYC, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston etc. These traumatized women often deal with long-term mental health issues and disorientation.

Learn more about various non-profits who are doing some incredible work to eliminate human trafficking & sex trafficking.

RestoreNYC – an organization started by Faith Huckel in 2009  which is dedicated to  identifying and helping trafficked women. As per their website, they opened the first long-term safe home dedicated to foreign national victims of sex trafficking.

Shared Hope International – In 1998 U.S. Congresswoman Linda Smith’s travel to the brothels in Mumbai, India led to the inception of Shared Hope International. As per their website, today there are 1000+ ambassadors of Shared Hope and 20,000+ people reached through their awareness events.