Refugee Utility Project

Director’s note

It was early on in my quest to connect with various international refugee programs and Refugee Utility Program caught my attention right away. Often times when I reach out to organizations they don’t care much for a small film dealing with a topic such as refugees and undocumented workers but Scott pleasantly surprised me. Not only was he prompt in responding to my communication but he was a humble human being in his communication. I hope I get to meet and interact with such caring souls who not only care about the welfare of others but also leave behind a lasting first impression. Thank you Scott Mehan and his team for running such an important mission. You are my heroes. 

– Aby Rao
April 16, 2017

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Refugee Utility Project is an International Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering of those displaced by conflict, war, and natural disaster across the globe. We provide flexible and sustainable aid to those in desperate need, and are dedicated to easing the anguish of all; regardless of race, color, religion, or creed.


In February 2015, Zachary Macbeth visited his friend Scott Mehan in Bethlehem, who was studying International Cooperation and Development at Bethlehem University. With Zach’s background in law and Scott’s regional expertise as their guiding principles, they decided that they wanted to play a positive part in the international refugee crisis. In August 2015 after Scott’s graduation, the two friends established Refugee Utility Project as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in California.

Scott moved to Zarqa in Jordan, one of the poorest cities in the country, to lay the ground for their humanitarian work. Throughout 2016, RUP focused on emergency aid for Syrian and Iraqi refugees living in urban settings outside refugee camps. As we enter 2017, we have been fortunate enough to partner with some great organizations here in Jordan to expand our work into the educational sector in informal tented settlements in the Mafraq governorate, as well as in Rukban camp in Syria.

Their value and model

At Refugee Utility Project, we believe that local cooperations and knowledge are the most important part of successful humanitarian aid.
An organization is most efficient when its members have linguistic, cultural and political expertise about the region and people they work for. That is why we focus on employing personnel from the areas affected by mass migration. Here in Jordan, that means we work almost exclusively with Jordanian citizens and Syrian refugees as part of our team. We also believe that it is important to highlight the views of those who often do not get the opportunity to do so themselves, like minorities and women. It is our belief and hope that in this way, we contribute to sustainable development and to empower communities affected by the refugee crisis to create positive change in their own lives.


About the team

Scott Mehan

Co-founder & Director of Overseas Operations

Zachary Macbeth

Co-founder & Director of U.S. Operations

Emma tveit

Head of Communications and Research

Sahar Hamati

Country Director, Jordan​

Mahmood abd alkareem mosa

Refugee Liaison


Team in action

*Content was gathered from the website after securing permission from the Director.
Photo credit: Scott Mehan, Refugee Utility Project.